Antigone 28.10.2017. Drugstore

Antigone 28.10.2017. Drugstore
Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 Beograd

As promised – this season is vicious from the start.

Stay in tune, things are just getting serious.

After the blast with Francois X, we give you our new resident from theConcrete Music crew thet will dive all night long with us – the great Antigone.

Antigone is an emblematic figure at the French Techno scene and a young Parisian artist who quickly became highly acclaimed in the world of electronic music.

An astral traveller obsessed with records and collecting, Antigone started as a producer and released his first EP „Forbidden works“ for Concrete Re-form.
Afterwards came „Menace of Species“ released on CONCRETE music and releases on DEMENT3D a label owned by his very good friend Francois X.
One of his most popular Ep’s is „The Day the Sky Fell In“ which is a perfect example of his hypnotic, melancholic and melodic style – a very personal way of creating dreamy,trancy melodies – a style that gained him a meteoric ascent and a very warm reception.
For him, Dj sets are about creating an atmosphere and musical storytelling, as well as mixing hard and deep atmospheric techno. Those are the qualities that earned him a residency at Concrete and many gigs all around the world at clubs like Berghain, Rex, Tresor, Fuse…

2016 and 2017 are going great for Antigone. He made a track on Pole Group, released an EP „ We move as one“ with Francois X and an EP „Saudade“ on Token, made a remix with Shlomo for AWB and reworked Slam’s classic « Positive Education » for the 25th Soma Quality recordings anniversary. « Ostitano », the 4th ep, on his mother label Token will be released the 8th of September followed up by an album in 2018.

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