After time- solo exhibition by Danica Tešić 14 – 25.06.2019. Art Education Center

After time- solo exhibition by Danica Tešić 14 – 25.06.2019. Art Education Center
Šumatovačka 122, Belgrade, Serbia
14.Jun.2019 - 25.Jun.2019

Exhibited works are part of the opus that was created in 2018/19. and which includes drawings on paper in combined technique. Relying on what is behind reality, Danica finds in her works magical and invisible in us and around us. Her works are documents of nature that left something behind, a nature that represents a situation in which there is no more man, but there are only subtle indications of an organic world that recreates their habitat. Maho dominates black and white technique (document). There is a repetition of certain forms that resemble the natural regeneration cycle to form a unique composition. The series of these works is called “The Earth is Still Fruitful”, with which the author points to the optimism and care necessary for survival and calls for a deeper observation of life.

Danica Tesic, born in 1987 in Belgrade. She graduated at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2012. on the section of wall painting. He is a member of ULUS and ULUPUDS. He is a solo artist. This is her fourth solo exhibition, and she participated in numerous group exhibitions and residences in the country and abroad. In his work he expresses himself through the painting, sculpture and above all through the drawing. She has won three awards in the category of painting. He lives and works in Zemun.


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