Bella Technika, premiere on Mikser 24.05.2019. Dorćol Platz

Bella Technika, premiere on Mikser 24.05.2019. Dorćol Platz
Dobračina 59b, Belgrade, Serbia
After several decades of cooperation within the Darkwood Dub group, Bojan Drobac Bambi and Milorad Ristic Miki founded Bellu Technik.
When Katarina Jovanovic, soprano, a true star of European opera scenes joined as a vocalist, a crazy and brand new and original music adventure could begin!
On March 13, they released their first “Section” album, according to reporters, probably the best regional album of club music.
We are very excited and honored that Bella Technika will hold its premiere Belgrade and regional performance at the Mikser Festival, on the Day of Youth, on May 25th.
There will be a lot of symbolism that evening, and we do not doubt that the admirers of these artists will ride to the lower Dorcol in large numbers, especially since the entrance for this occasion is free.
Bella Technika at the Mixer Festival. May 25, premiere of their debut “Section”, Dorćol Platz, save the date!


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