Božo Vrećo 15.12.2018. Sava Centar

Božo Vrećo 15.12.2018. Sava Centar

Ticket price: 1500, 1800, 2100 and 2400 dinars,

15 December 2018 20:00

Božo Vrećo, the Prince of Sevdah and an angel voice interpreter, will appear at a concert at the Sava Center on December 15th. Over the past years, he has become not only regional, but also European and world music sensation. These days, the fifth album entitled “Melek”, published by Croatia Records, has been released, featuring seventeen Bozin’s poems and a bonus song “Revolution”, a product of cooperation with Stefan Milenkovic and Sudar Percussion. “Melek” is the God of the world filled with love, set and hope That’s exactly the name for the angel, the sinless spiritual being created of light in the best possible way rounds up the story of this great album, which was painted by Daniel Ille. Photos of Sead Šašivarević. For mixing, mastering and production, Bozin associate and friend Marko Louis is credited.
On the album next to the sevdah is also an impressive list of guests: Marko Louis, Vasil Hadzimanov, Casko Atanovski, Joost Spijkers, Miroslav Tadic, Mario Batkovic, Eslam El-Sha’ary, Ingmar Piano Duo, Luboyna and Bane Vasic.
So far, four singles have been screened: “Who Does It Feel Your Hair Tonight” with Vasil Hadzimanov, “Jelenče” and “I Was Worth You” and a few days ago “Dear”.
God invites everyone to the concert to enjoy together in the magical night, that everyone sing, dance, laugh and cry, because everything is sevdah!


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