Sunčani Kej bb, Novi Sad
14.Sep.2018 - 22.Sep.2018
Novi SadSrbija

There is a sixth edition of Cirkobalkana – a festival of contemporary circus in a circus tent, an independent space for performance, education and creation. This unique festival in the region was organized by enthusiasts and circus enthusiasts gathered around Circusfera organization from Belgrade and Cirkorama from Zagreb, with the unselfish support of this year’s local partners Cirkoneo from Novi Sad.

With the desire for strengthening, development and support of the circus scene in Novi Sad, Cirkobalkana will be presented to the Novi Sad audience for the first time in the period from September 14-22.

Through its rich history, the circus we know today is going through different phases of development, takes on a variety of forms and often changes the place of performance – from the tent as the original circus stage, through cabaret, street, theater, sports hall etc. Regardless of everything, surely, he was called a new, contemporary, classical, traditional or otherwise, the circus is still a circus and as such belongs to the performing arts which the audience admires, with whom it laughs, remains breathless and always is happily returning.

Circus is an art that has its own technique, skill and is presented to the audience in an unlimited number of forms. That’s why it’s perhaps most right to say that what is currently causing our attention – an non-aligned circus. In a country that can not boast of the rich circus tradition and the country where the word circus is used exclusively in political clips, this may be the best description of the current view of the circus, as well as the fact that only by this view of the circus and its artistic potential can we come to a new audience that needs to get to know him.

With the selection of works of art and the desire to deepen the cooperation and exchange of artistic practices of the local, regional and European circus scene, the festival will present the current diversity of the artist’s circus thinking reflected in engagement, experiment, political and public relations.

Thus, during the nine days of the festival, the audience will have the opportunity to see the most diverse circus fusion and hybrids of six performances from France, Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia, four works in progress of young regional artists, Open Stage, three performances for children of local groups as well a rich accompanying program in the form of musical and fire performances, round tables, stands, residences and much more that today we call circus.

Therefore, carefully study the program, select something or everything and under the auspices of a red tent discover the world of the CirkoBalkana Festival.



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