Palmotićeva 22/2, Zagreb

Nearly a year after the fantastic concert in Sax, Oridano Gypsy Jazz Band returns to the “crime scene” and will present its fourth album “Swing of Swings”. For your unique gypsy jazz experience, come on Saturday, January 20th! The ticket price for the pre-sale is 30 kuna and can be purchased during the working hours of the club and will cost 40 kuna a day.

ORIDANO GYPSY JAZZ BAND is a jazz / swing band from Zagreb, with Orjen Ridanovic (lead guitar), Aldo Fosko (clarinet / piano), Gustav Barisin (double bass) and Milivoj Majdak (rhythm guitar). The previously mentioned “Sring of Swings” have released three albums: “Oridano” (2013), “Swing 14” (2014) and “Hot Club of Croatia” (2016). The band was founded in spring 2010 after a jazz workshop in Grožnjan. The fascination of opus Djanga Reinhardt, as well as the love of gypsy jazz, brought them together and resulted in the formation of a quintet. From 2011 to 2017, they have appeared on numerous domestic and international stages, including jazz clubs, festivals, public events, TV and radio shows.

“Swing of Swings” is a kind of sequel to the story of “Hot Club of Croatia”, which is being released by the hit publishing house Hitchtone Music & Promotion, which will be officially released by the same album (Oridano Gypsy Jazz Band – Hot Club of Croatia) at the beginning of March that will be available on all major online services (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify …) and the YouTube channel.

On the album Swing of Swings, unlike the previous edition featuring Django Reinhardt’s compositions, the most influential Gypsy jazz performances are featured on the Oridano Gypsy Jazz Band performances as well as at the world’s biggest festivals such as “Festival Django Reinhardt – Samois sur Seine “. These are compositions like “Coquette”, “Wawes of Danube”, “Topsy”.

In addition to the standard band layout on this release, their collaboration with the virtuoso harmonica Miroslav Navračić and the clarinetist and saxophonist Franjo Stojaković have been recorded as guest musicians.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OridanoGypsyJazzBand
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mroridano
Instagram: https://instagram.com/oridano/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/oridanogypsyjazzband


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