Kružni Put 64, Leštane

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A spectacular New Year’s Eve in restaurant Dvor Aleksandar in Leštane. Wait for the New Year with the phenomenal Jelena Gerbec and the band.

As always, the staff of the restaurant will make sure that your New Year’s Eve is one of the prettiest you’ve ever experienced. The impeccable service, the quality of food and drinks, the biggest hits of folk and entertaining music are just a few reasons why you should celebrate the New Year in the restaurant Aleksandar Leštane.

MUSIC Dvor Aleksandar Leštane:
Jelena Gerbec and band

DRINK Dvor Aleksandar Leštane:
Homemade alcoholic:

– Wine (Tikveš, Smederevka, Rubinov rose and Vranac)

– Vodka

– Beer (Zajecar, Leo, Jelen)

– Vinjak

– Brandy (Dunja, Plum, Apricot)

– Gin

– Pelinkovac

– Vermouth

Homemade non-alcoholic:

– Mineral water

– Still water

– Gazirane juice (coca-cola, sprite, boys, schweppes)

– Negated juices (apple, peach, blueberry, jujube, strawberry)

FOOD Dvor Aleksandar Leštane:

– Njeguska prosciutto

– Beef ham

– White pechenitsa

– Pork ham

– Budish sausage

– Cheese

– Proya

– Kulen

– Feta cheese

– Kajmak

– Paprika in the sour cream

– Cheese pie

Main course:

– Dinstana veal with boiled potatoes and mushroom topping


– Green

– Turcia

– Hot peppers

– Cabbage

– Greece

– Urnebes salad

– Turkey (carfiol, red pepper and cornices)

PRICE Dvor Aleksandar Leštane:
From 30 € to 35 € depending on the position of the table.


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