Makedonska 42, Beograd

Belgrade Art Show Festival organizes another promotion of the book by young writer Slavica Milosevic, which was 1992 and published up to now 7 books, in the small hall of the Municipality of Stari grad on the 1st floor, which is located in the city center, in ul. Makedonska 42.

The founder of the Belgrade Art Show Pavle Knežević, a dorcolac, participated in many projects of the Municipality of Stari grad and was a member of the youth delegation from Belgrade on European travels and through this municipality.

“I recognized the quality of work and support that young people are giving to the Old Town of Stari Grad, and at the head of which are the great Old Town Guardians, and Belgrade Art Show as a festival of young talents looks forward to further successful cooperation!” Knezevic said.

There will be promotion of books of mediator form, where, through a conversation with author Milošević Slavica, the guests will learn more about inspiration, work on as many as 7 books, as well as about every art work that has been issued separately.

Belgrade Art Show gives a word to the great artist Alexandri Lahougue Gruden, who will give his interpretation of the work of the author, and make a reflection on artistic cooperation with the writer.

The school of musical Euden will sing a number of phenomenal tracks.

In addition to the author’s books, which will of course be sold at promotional prices, jewelry by Israeli artist Galia Elal – earon who also makes mosaics will also be exhibited.

The Belgrade Art Show also invites interested artists and art lovers to take part and discuss the topics that the author touches in their work, as well as on the themes of literature, the position of artists in Serbia, publishing and other issues which follow the art of written words.

To the esteemed audience will be presented 5 author works of the writer Slavica Milošević and that
‘May Heaven comfort me’, ‘Everything is said, Amelie,’ You, Me and Prever ‘,
‘When cariads cry’
as well as the latest literary work ‘Hype to Take’!

Her literary opus is characterized by essay writing, poetry in prose, poetry, micro essays, collage and intertextuality.

Dear guests, the drink is provided and free, as well as the entrance: D

We will see you on December 4 at 08 pm in the small hall of Stari Grad municipality on the promotion of books by writer Slavica Milosevic.


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