[:en] Mart Live – Umbra/ Amanita Dodola/ Tamara Dinka 08.03.2018. Feedback

[:en] Mart Live – Umbra/ Amanita Dodola/ Tamara Dinka 08.03.2018. Feedback
Balkanska 2a, Niš

March 8th forever because the woman is forever!

On this 107th time marking this significant date you will have the opportunity to hear special 3 concerts, 3 women on 3 synthesizers. Umbra, Amanita Dodola and Tamara Dinka are musicians from these spaces who perform as their own solo projects, or “onegirlshow”. All three basically have an electronic sound that evolves in each and every stylistic way in the other direction. It is planned to start our concerts from 21h, so it would be nice to come earlier, in order to honor the performers and enjoy their performances. During breaks between and after the concert, WC7 completes the program with special “girlpower” playback.

∞ Marija Balubadzic (Belgrade – Vienna), performing as a solo project Umbra, has a rich concert experience for several years. Her concerts are characterized by dark and deep sound, combined vocals and raw emotions that have been shown in an entirely academic way. Maria combines her songs with original and emancipated music, where the voice dominates more, or is, as an integral part of the melody. It is often expressed through poetry, which also becomes an integral part of music.


∞ Katie Woznicki (Cleveland – Belgrade), behind the name Amanita Dodol, is a Serbian avant-garde musician who uses strong and authentic vocals in her extremely unconventional songs. Her voice is infectious, indifferent, while following polyphonic melodies played on an analog synthesizer. Katie Woznicki is active on the comic scene and is credited with visual events.


∞ Tamara Dinka is an artist dedicated to audio and video for many years, as well as frequent DJ performances. In her rare performances, she presents her tracks that are very close to primitive and simple electronic, but also melodic expression, followed by frequent vocals. Her music is dance, rhythmic and harmonious.



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