[:en] Vlatko Stefanovski 02.04.2018. Kolarac

[:en] Vlatko Stefanovski 02.04.2018. Kolarac
Studentski trg 5, Beograd

Mon, 02. Apr 2018
at 20:00

The famous guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski will hold a solo concert in Kolarac‘s concert on April 2, where he will present a new acoustic album “Mother tongue” – Mother tongue

Vlatko Stefanovski, one of the best guitarists in the Balkans, released the album “Mother tongue”.

Only a few days of motivation and inspiration Vlatko Stefanovski needed to download nine instrumental gems for the only album “Mother tongue”. Vlatko decided that the cover of the new edition adorns the image of his mother Nade in the role of Masha from Tolstoy’s drama “Living a corpse”. This photo, which dates back to the late 40’s, gives a special emotional value. And, pointing to the inspirational artistic environment in which Vlatko matured.

– Vlatka’s instruments are not cold and distant. He has every tone he has held in songs such as “Bistra voda”; and “Lullaby for Radmila M.”; “Jano mori”; “Dimitrios, son of Mithras”; “Warm Moon”; transmits the warmth and emotion that was embedded in that music. The performance is perfect, although everything was taken from the first time in Vlatko’s studio “Esoteria”. And these are the virtuoso qualities. “Why did you give birth to my mother” is dedicated to Steva and Esma Teodosievsky, who, like Vlatko, are responsible for Macedonian culture. The confirmation of this has arrived at the right time, because it is the highest state award of Macedonia for life in culture and art “11. October “went into his hands – presenting a new album from Croatia records.



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