[:en]28.Novi Sad spring festival 20 – 24.03.2018. SPENS

[:en]28.Novi Sad spring festival 20 – 24.03.2018. SPENS
SPENS, Novi Sad
20.Mar.2018 - 24.Mar.2018
Novi SadSrbija

The Novi Sad movement gorani organizes a large horticultural, ecological and economic manifestation “Novosadsko proleće” in the period from 20 to 24 March 2018.

28. “New Year’s Eve” will have 3 exhibits:
1. Flower exhibition, seedlings and equipment for horticulture
2. Exhibition of honey and health-safe food
3. Exhibition of Old and Artistic Crafts.

This year, the theme of manifestation is the influence of nature’s stay on the mental and physical health of people. Our wish and goal is to encourage citizens to actively engage in these activities with this year’s professional and scientific popular lectures and the introduction of civil organizations dealing with nature’s presence and influence on the overall state of the organism. Also, on this theme we will also organize interactive workshops for children and young people.

As in the previous years, more than 70,000 visitors and about 2,000 active participants are expected.


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