[:en]8.Mart with Choco cafe

[:en]8.Mart with Choco cafe
Zinke Kunc 3e, Zagreb

Dear members of a gentle gender, your day is approaching.

As we live in a busy and stressful way with a lack of free time, Choco Cafe has prepared a surprise to make that day special!

We are organizing BINGO!
Report friends, moms, grandmas, colleagues and take part in drawing 3 prizes!
1. AWARD – gift voucher 200 kn
2. AWARD – gift voucher 100 kn
3. AWARD – branded cup

While you are unwittingly drinking some coffee, tea or eating something from Choco, you can go home with a reward with luck!

Applications in the inbox or info@chococafe.eu (indicate in the application NAME AND SURNAME)
* It is necessary to fill a quota of at least 20 people in order to get the draw *
** All women will receive a mark of attention regardless of the draw **
*** The eligibility requirement is adult age ***

Please take 15 minutes before pulling out so that everyone can pull out your number! (at 19:45)

Play with us! 🙂

#Chococafe – Your sweetest neighbor


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