[:en]A Weill Ago – elektroakustički kabare 23.01.2018. Polet

[:en]A Weill Ago – elektroakustički kabare 23.01.2018. Polet
Cetinjska 15, Beograd

After a well-received April premiere at the Serbian Cultural Center in Paris, Ana Gnjatovic’s electro-acoustic cabaret was first performed in Serbia at the Kragujevac kitchens center in November last year. .

The program for soprano, piano and electronics is inspired by Kurt Weil’s personality and music. The vocals of the poem, as well as the voices of Lote Lening, Bertolt Brecht, Danilo Kiša …, the sounds of childhood and the sounds of war, archival footage and personal history, arise, repel and seduce through singing, spoken, recorded and collected passages. The built-in electroacoustic layer Ana Gnjatović contextualizes and comments on Vajlov’s poems performed by soprano Tijana Đuričić with the piano accompaniment of Milivoje Veljić. Together, these two layers make a cabaret bitter-sweet sound art narrative about art and responsibility.

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Music Kurt Vail:

Speak Low (Ogden Nash)
Is not a t’aime dog (Maurice Magre)
Es regnet (Jean Cocteau)
Der Abschiedsbrief (Erich Kästner)
Complainte de la Seine (Maurice Magre)
Und Was Bekam Des Soldaten Weib? (B. Brecht)
Youkali (Roger Fernay)

Sound archive:
Kurt Weill
Lotte Lenya
Bertolt Brecht
Danilo Kish
Robert Schumann
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
James Joyce
Ana Gnjatović

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Ana Gnjatović (1984, Serbia) composes acoustic and electro-acoustic music by collecting and combining found objects, works, concepts and ideas suitable for translation, sounding, generalization and interpretation. The compositions of Ana Gnjatović were performed throughout Europe, in the USA, Israel and Japan, and they were on festival programs such as the International Tribune of the Composers, Mokranjac Days, KoMA, International Festival of Harpsichord – Live Art, International Harp Festival, Wratislavia cantans (Poland) Culturescapes (Switzerland), Festival de Wallonie, Espressivo (Montenegro), Ankara International Music Festival (Turkey).

Tijana Đuričić (Serbia, 1983) is a soprano, theoretician of art and media, a journalist and manager in culture and art. She has organized and performed over 150 solo and concert concerts of classical and contemporary music around the world, as well as a series of projects and workshops with students from different faculties, exploring the issues of art and politics in modern society. It experiments in the field of sound and theoretically examines the relationship of body-space-voice. tijanadjuricic.com

Milivoje Veljić graduated from the Department of Piano, a PhD at the Department of Chamber Music, and is employed at the Department of Solo Singing at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, as a senior artistic associate. He received the award from the Faculty of the Jelena Pavlović Foundation for the best graduate of the Department of Piano. He studied in the field of chamber music, with professors Jasna Tucović and Miloš Petrović. He received his doctorate in 2014 under the mentorship of prof. Ljudmila Gros-Popovic, on the theme of music by Sergei Rachmaninov for the piano duo.

Ticket price: 300,00 dinars at Polet


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