[:en]African rhythms and dances – guest Babacar Dieng 02 – 03.12.2017. CC Angola Capuera

[:en]African rhythms and dances – guest Babacar Dieng 02 – 03.12.2017. CC Angola Capuera
Trg Republike 5, Beograd
02.Dec.2017 - 03.Dec.2017

In the glasshouse, on the second floor, workshops of African rhythms and dances will be held in the premises of the Cultural Center of Angola Capuera under the auspices of the Djemby Association, organized by Vladimir Nikolic amateur of African culture. Guest at this seminar and lecturer will be Babacar Dieng, a native of Senegal who dedicated his life to the music of his own people. Workshops are open to all ages, full orientations, different races and classes! It’s not necessary beforehand! You can achieve a unique opportunity for this workshop with the contribution of the union of modest 1000 Dinars per two-hour time for the instrument and 1000 dinars for a two-hour dance time. The classes will be held from 18 to 22, both days, with a split on the dance and instrumental part. If anyone is interested in attending, we can make an agreement. The number of instruments is limited and therefore the “first come first served” rule applies! If someone has a strong desire to attend the time and is not able to pay, he is welcome to meet and evening afro jamm that will be organized in one of the Belgrade locales where the participants of the seminar will be invited to hold the show and demonstrate the learned. As the subcontractor Babacar Dieng will be the leading dance teacher and instrument, his accent will be primarily on the so-called rhythm of the Sun, his accompanying calls and traditional salvation. Welcome all-entries can also be made in advance by contacting me on my Facebook page or the Djembia Organization page


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