[:en]Angel Fair 17.12.2017. Promenada

[:en]Angel Fair 17.12.2017. Promenada
Karadjordjeva 2-4, Beograd

Welcome to the New Year’s Fair of Design, Umentine, Jewelry and Decoration!

Promenada Belgrade

Do you love the festive atmosphere?
Want to support young artists and develop their talents?
You like all those sweet angelic things?

Come and pick a unique gift for a dear person, make your handmade New Year’s decoration, or bring the kids through the drawing of fractals of fun and develop their creativity, and by purchasing the ticket support the Children’s Shelter in Belgrade.

The daily fair lasts from 10-18h and gathers 35 designers, creators and artists who have recognized their unique talents and decided to turn them into original products.

Has always attracted you to the theme of angels?
I wonder how angel coaching can help you?
You want to learn how to use the help of the Universe on your journey?

Come to hear the experience of experts in this field, connect with your guardian angels, meet people with similar interests and exchange experiences.
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Tickets pre-sale up to 1.12.
Fair – 200 RSD
Panel – 3,000 RSD
From 1.12. tickets for the fair are 300 RSD, and for the panel 4.000 RSD.
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Where to buy a ticket:
Jevremova 25, Belgrade
Working days from 9am – 9pm
Saturday from 09 am – 05 pm
Sunday from 10 am – 05 pm


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