[:en]April u Beogradu 14.04.2018.Košutnjak

[:en]April u Beogradu 14.04.2018.Košutnjak
Košutnjak, Beograd

When was the last time you dropped the frisbee or just lay in the grass, drank the lemonade and enjoy the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables? April arrived and burned low temperatures from our days, and it’s time to start doing all the activities that we most wanted. Via Serbia invites you to your first FREE picnic at Kosutnjak, where you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the activities we offer on our tours, as well as with the team, the program for this year, as well as with the people who went on our trips. You will have the opportunity to get to know this valuable green area of ​​the city in two different ways, so you can choose between light walk and bicycle. Upon returning to the Hajdučka fountain, we will strengthen our salads and relax with the excitement that will lead our lovely yogis from the team, and your acrobatics will have the opportunity to try on the slackline. All the activities that we have prepared for you are not mandatory, you just have to come and have a good time.

10:30: Gathering at the Hajdučka fountain
11:00: We are divided into two groups
Group I: Departure on a light walk through the forest.
Group II: Moving to a bicycle
13:30: Return to Hajdučka fountain.
Refreshment with lemonade and salads of fruits and vegetables:
– The time of yoga in nature
– Slackline or walking on the rope
– simply lying on the grass and enjoying nature

Feel free to bring everything that can satisfy your enjoyment in nature, from a variety of props, frisbees, badminton, social games to rugs, food and drinks … 🙂

See you!!! 😉

The action is realized by Via Serbia team
064/895 13 30


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