[:en]Arhangel Moto-Rock Fest 25 – 26.05.2018.Grocka

[:en]Arhangel Moto-Rock Fest 25 – 26.05.2018.Grocka
Dunavski kej, Grocka
25.May.2018 - 26.May.2018

The second “Arhangel Fest” will be held on 25 and 26 May at the Danube Quay in Grocka!

FRIDAY, May 25:
Dusi Bgd
Posno Prase Official site
Contaminated Mind
Evil Opportunity

SATURDAY, May 26th
Bolesna Štenad
Hunting Souls
San fat women
Breakfast on the Grass
Wet Asphalt
NAVY does not promise
Fulsh ideals.


Following our principles and heart in love for motorcycling and music, we had the opportunity to organize for all fans of rock’n’roll, punk and heavy metal sounds the first rock and motorcycle event “Arhangel fest” held in August 2017 in the territory and under the auspices of the municipality of Grocka, in the part of Belgrade, where MK Arhangel Serbia was founded, now in 1992.

The location of “Arhangel festa” has awakened in us a sense of tradition and consistency with the ideals that MK Arhangel Serbia represents for all members of this motor club. We want to share this tradition and ideals with all well-meaning people. , music, and all of it connected into one, that two spring days, on the Danube quay in Grocka, is what we propagate.

As last year we hosted several thousand fans of music, but also gasoline and engine sounds, this year we decided to raise the event to one, for us, a higher level.

If you go to the rock motto “Arhangel fest”, you will witness the high level of organization of a moto rock event where you will be able to find all the necessary elements that will make you feel at home. Campsite, parking is organized, water security and water supply is organized, as well as the accompanying infrastructure that ensures hygiene and absolute security of the event.

The club club Arhangel Srbija aims to raise the standard of motorcycle events and broaden the basic principles of the motorcycle club: family, work, friends, respect, honor and motorcycling.

Be part of the ARHANGEL FEST and visit us on 25 and 26 May at the Danube Quay in Grocka!


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