[:en]Avala – The first year of this family ascent 02.01.2018.

[:en]Avala – The first year of this family ascent 02.01.2018.
Avala, Beograd

Excursion to Avali

Allowed for children without parental care

We repeat (not the whole) story from last winter.
We start a slight rise from the foot of the Avala (children of 4 years successfully successfully) and in breaks of dendrotherapy, mini games, stories from nature, etc.
At the top is team building games for children, and if parents are in the mood.

Everybody carries food for me, with me carrying a barbecue and a tumble, and accordingly, you also do something that you can cook warmly – read hot. One of the parents, or more of them, will be asked to accept the roles of the grandchildren while playing games.

The program lasts three hours, but such gatherings usually last longer 🙂
I do not think it should be noted that dressing is adequate to weather conditions. Last winter, this mini-rise and barbecue were done in the rain and snow. Many gave up, but the little thing that persisted in our intentions, it was great.

Departure at 11 am at the foot of Avala (turning towards the Avali-Pinosava). Parents whose children go alone are taking them to the top of Avala (parking) at 2 pm. If they want to join us. They came very well.
Tuesday January 2, 2018. at 11 am

Closing date on Friday 29.12.2017. – 1000 din. per family, per child unaccompanied by parents 500 din.
Closing date on Monday 01.01.2018. – 1300 dinars per family, per child without parents’ escort 700 din
On the spot – 1500 din. Per family, per child without parents’ escort 1000 din

Current account: 265613031000044060 Multi creative studio Zoran – Submit a payment report from an e-banking application, screenshot, payment slip photo …

Mandatory appointment to phone / sms / inbox
Zoran 0628842560
Thursday January 4, 2018 Escape Room for Kids – Studio

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