[:en]Bassiani showcase with Varg and Zitto 06.04.2018.Drugstore

[:en]Bassiani showcase with Varg and Zitto 06.04.2018.Drugstore
Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 Beograd

The swimming pool in the slaughterhouse! Drugstore presents the fourth event in the series of program exchanges with clubs from the World. After Institut Fuer Zukunft from Leipzig, Macao from Milano and Tresor from Berlin, here comes one of Tbilisi’s newest attractions.

Varg (Northern Electronics, SE) LIVE

BASSIANI is the famous techno club in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Its dance floor is the bottom of a swimming pool in Tbilisi’s largest sports venue, the Dinamo Arena. The club was founded in 2014 and got international attention with its bold and uncompromising programme that features legendary and cutting-edge names of the electronic music scene. The club will be represented by one of Bassiani’s resident DJs, Zitto. Their special guest is the founder of the infamous Northern Electronics label who will play in Belgrade for the first time.

VARG puts the FUN in FUNeral! Ever since he published his first album ‘Misantropen’ in 2013, Jonas Rönnberg, Varg’s human host, has managed to build quite an aura around his music. With a body of work that spans from straightforward techno and industrial to ambient and noise one thing is certain and always present in all Varg, the OF-THE-NORTH feel. There is a sense that Varg is too fast for this world and he has to leave music traces for audiences to follow while he is certainly slaying a way bigger dragon in the future as you listen. Black-metal roots and aesthetics only help with ensuring full respect and cautious reviews full of strong words. However, all of this black Varg regularly waters with enough humor and lightness when outside of the sonic realm, on social media and in interviews. Jonas is also a part of the supergroup Body Sculpture.

Levan Tsertsvadze, known by his stage name Zitto, is a Georgian DJ, who is turning into one of the most intriguing figures for the local clubbing scene. Zitto’s sets are predominantly encompassing hypnotic and atmospheric techno, but also inherit the flexibility to adjust to specific moments in time and space to produce relevant sound. Apart from DJing, he is working to develop his production skills and promises, that whenever he feels confident enough, he will display his own works. Zitto was named the best DJ by ‘Electronauts 2015’.

TICKETS info to be announced soon


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