[:en]Be creative – use the day!19.06 – 29.08.2018. DKC

[:en]Be creative – use the day!19.06 – 29.08.2018. DKC
Takovska 8, Beograd
19.Jun.2018 - 23.Aug.2018

Be creative – use the day!
during the summer break
free programs for children and young people aged 14 to 20

June 19 from 14 to 16 o’clock

Let’s meet art techniques

(drawing with pencil, dry pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, gouache ..

In order for young people to express their perceptions and ideas through artwork, they will first be able to get acquainted with carefully chosen examples from the history of art, and after the presentation, practical application follows. The type of material and the manner of its application will affect the shaping of the visual expression. Depending on the technique and method of processing material, drawings with pencil, shower and feather, and paintings made with watercolor, gouache or pastel technique are created.

Number of participants: 20 participants

Waters: Katarina Bulajić Pavlović, MA, runs Art Studio at DKCB

June 23, from 10 to 13 hours

August 17 from 10 to 13 hours

Workshop of comics and cartoons

The idea is that young people are trained in the form of strips (short form of comics), because this is the best way to show their skills, because the more complicated forms of comics often demotivate them. The special significance of this workshop is that the comic is an ideal medium that helps adolescents face the growing and overcoming crisis years through acute and satirical form (acute and developmental-psychological problems in the process of self-realization of personality).

Number of participants: 15 participants

Leads: Mileta Miloradovic, cartoonist and illustrator, runs a comic book workshop in DKCB

June 28 and 29 from 10 to 13 hours

3 and 4 July from 10 to 13 hours

23 and 24 August from 10 to 12 hours

The art of calligraphy

The young people would get to know the spectrum of art of calligraphy through a short lecture. The focus is on learning the basics of calligraphic principles. After the introduction, the workshop participants will have the possibility of choosing which letter they will use. They will also know which arts are complementary and have the opportunity to apply them in their works. The final outcome of the workshop is the final work of the participants.

Number of participants: 20 participants

Leads: Silvana Ruchnov, calligrapher, associate DKCB

2 and 3 July from 10 to 15 hours

Ecological adventure – river photo safari

The young will have the opportunity to visit the great island of Ecologists with the ecologist and get acquainted with the main characteristics, history of creation, position, micro-climate, basic characteristics of the plant and animal world and current ecological status. In addition to this, practical training in nature will be held on the methodology of biological research: collecting and making herbarium, capturing and preparing insects, observing and studying birds, amphibians of reptiles, fish and mammals, and taking photographs thereof.

Number of participants: 15

Waters: Vesna Krnjaić, expert associate for educational programs of DKCB and Marijana Petrović, ecologist, associate DKCB, Secretary of Young researchers in Belgrade

2 and 4 July from 10 to 12 hours

August 27th and August 29th from 10am to 1pm

Creation of ceramic vessels on a potter’s wheel and painting with earthy colors

In the Atelier for Applied Arts, young people would explore and work on the formation of aesthetic criteria in the examination of spatial forms, by making use of hand-made dishes and pottery on the model of unique old vessels in order to bring them closer to the specific aesthetics and history of ceramic vessels . Through the work and discussion with the DKCB pedagogue, the participants of the project would be familiar with the materials and techniques of making pottery. The project primarily aims to raise students’ awareness of their own cultural heritage and traditional crafts that have reflected the multicultural tradition in the village and the city, and today they are disappearing due to modern technological development and mass commodity production.

Number of participants: 10 participants

Leads: Aleksandra Grbović, associate at the Applied Arts Center DKCB

5, 6, 9 and 10 July from 11 to 13 hours

Let’s meet the sculptural techniques – Herbal elements in shaping the relief

Young people will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the painting work of the 17th-century Italian 17th-century manirist painter – Giuseppe Archembold. Then, with the fine arts pedagogue, the presentation of the process of making relief, as well as the selection of plants and making compositions, will take place. Follows: Plaster casting of plant herbal compositions – getting molds, then preparing clay and clinging clay into plaster molds, as well as extracting positives; retouching and finally dyeing and preparing for baking

Number of participants: 15

Leads: dr. Sculptors Nevena Popović, associate DKCB

11, 18 and 25 July from 12 to 15 hours

9, 16 and 23 August from 12 to 15 hours

Workshop illustration, concept of art and comics

The idea is that the comic book, illustration and conception art collection brings together not only the authors, but all those who, through various circumstances, have entered the world of comics. Creation of comics has always been and will remain, a lonely job, where man is directed only to his abilities, his talent, his knowledge and his imagination. That’s why it is necessary for mature creators, just like young beginners, to share their passion for sharing, sharing experiences, showing and seeing works in the making, because the comic has nothing to do, except to be drawn. This simple sentence,


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