[:en]BFI – ZERO VISIBILITY CORP 25.03.2018.Sava Centar

[:en]BFI – ZERO VISIBILITY CORP 25.03.2018.Sava Centar

Category Musical-scenic
Date March 25, 2018 20:00
Space Great Hall
Ticket prices: 1800 dinars
Zero Visibility corp. | Oslo

Frozen songs, Ina Kristel Johansen


zero visibility corp. Oslo, Norway / zero visibility corp. Oslo, Norway


Frozen Songs / Frozen Songs

choreographer / choreographer: Ina Christel Johannessen

music / music: Frederik Meulyzer, Koenraad Ecker, Stray Dogs

original idea: Inger Buresund, Artistic Director at The Arctic Theater

scene / set design: Kristin Torp / Graa Hverdag AS

costumes / costume design: Kathrine Tollo / Norsk Kunststoff AS

multimedia / multimedia: Feng Jiangzhou, Zhang Lin, Sifenlv New Media

lighting design / lighting design: Nico Benz

sound / sound: Morten Pettersen

video / video: Magnar Mork

photos / photos: Yaniv Cohen

duration / duration: 85 ‘

Premiere / Premiere: The Arctic Theater, Tromsø, Norway, 2018

players / dancers: Line Tørmoen, Pia Elton Hammer, Ole Kristian Tangen, Valtteri Raekallio, Daniel Whiley, Fan Luo, Anton Borgstrøm

singer / singer: Aksel Rykkvin

production / production: Zero Visibility Corp., The Arctic Theater, Ibsen International

Coproduction / co-production: Dansens Hus, Oslo, La Briqueterie, Paris, Arts Printing House, Vilnius

Zero Visibility Corp. is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council. The Arctic Theater is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Department, the Tromsø City Council, counties of Troms and Finnmark. Ibsen International is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In 2008, an old dream of the United Nations finally saw the light: on the island of Svalbard, one of the safest and most peaceful places in the world, a large warehouse was built 120 meters inside a mountain. In the middle of the “permafrost”, a thick layer of soil that never melts, the Global Seed Vault was established. Since its opening eight years ago, 840.000 samples of seeds have been deposited in the Vault. The seed is a source of life, the beginning of everything, and the Vault (also known as the “Doomsday Vault”) represents the need to protect it at all costs. If there are seeds, there is hope; everything that die, could blossom once again. These “Frozen Songs”, resting in the depth of a mountain close to the North Pole, could one day save the world.

Ina Christel Johannessen is the artistic leader and choreographer of the zero visibility corp. She is educated at the National College of Performing Arts in Oslo, where she now teaches choreography classes. A very important part of Johannesen’s artistic profile and work has been the close relationship with Carte Blanche, the national company of contemporary dance in Norway, where since 1992, she has been contracted by 5 different artistic leaders, resulting in 13 full-evening works. For her creation “Ambra”, made for Carte Blanche and Iceland Dance Company, she received the Critics Award for 2008. Johannesen has also worked with several Norwegian and international companies and institutions: Les Ballet de Monte Carlo, The Cullberg Ballet, CCDC – City Contemporary Dance Company of Hong Kong, The Norwegian National Ballet, Helsinki City Dance Company, The Royal Swedish Opera, Scottish Dance Theatre, Iceland Dance Company, Oldenburg Tanztheatre, The National Theatres in Oslo and Bergen, Dance and Theatre Academy of Helsinki, and the National College of Performing Arts in Oslo. Johannesen’s work is characterized by high energy in the physical movements merged with very poetic and often theatrical elements. She is very much involved in and cooperating on the creating of visual elements such as lighting and set design, which play crucial parts of her work as a whole. The musical elements are always composed of electronic works from international composers, either new or rewritten works.

zero visibility corp. was founded by choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen in 1996. The Company is based in Oslo, Norway, and makes an average of one production a year. Their international breakthrough came with “…it’s only a rehearsal” in 2003, which has been performed on over a hundred occasions. The company is touring worldwide with performances of both smaller and medium scale and the production involve partnerships with several international and Norwegian co-producers and collaborators. Since the beginning, the company has been marked by Ina Christel Johannessen’s particular choreographic style. The artistic work is characterized by a striking physical and technical expression, allowing the dancers to excel, but simultaneously she expresses in her work the complexity of human life, our feelings, emotions and conditions. The composition is built up around the physically visual and audible space and the actions of the dancers. Proximity and distance, strength and fragility exist side by side. Today, zero visibility corp. is one of the leading Norwegian dance companies, presented with great success on the international dance scene.


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