[:en]Big Bend RTS „Duke’s Night“ 26.03.2018. Studio 6

[:en]Big Bend RTS „Duke’s Night“ 26.03.2018. Studio 6
Hilandarska 2, Beograd

Big Band of Radio Television Serbia, continues the series of concerts in the year of the anniversary, 70 years since the founding of this eminent orchestra, concert at Studio 6 of Radio Belgrade, on Monday, March 26th, beginning at 20:00.

With specially selected compositions and arrangements from the legendary legendary Duke Ellington (Duke Ellington), we present a homage to his creation and an artistic seal in jazz music.

Duke Ellington (Duke Ellington) was a pioneer and innovator in jazz music, especially as a composer and Big Band Leader. As a pianist, he also left a striking stylistic expression, and a generation of followers to this day.

Big Bend RTS, compositions such as “Satin Doll”, “Take The A Train”, “Cotton Tail”, “Solitude and Sophisticated Lady” …, creates a reminiscence of the great artist, his rich opus and jazz music as a special art of the twentieth century.
A guest conductor and soloist at the trombone at this concert will be Samuel Blaser from Switzerland.


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