[:en]Bojan Z – Modern Times Quartet | 27. i 28.03.2018. Bitefartcafe

[:en]Bojan Z – Modern Times Quartet | 27. i 28.03.2018. Bitefartcafe
Mitropolita Petra 8, Beograd
27.Mar.2018 - 28.Mar.2018

Musicology Barcaffè Sessions presents a new concert in the series, Bojan Z – Modern Times Quartet, a release in which Bojan is still not heard. The concert will be held on March 27th and 28th at the club Novi Bitefartcafe (Mitropolita Petra 8).

Tickets sold through ticketing networks www.eventim.rs and www.ddtickets.rs, at a price of 1200rsd. The tickets are for standing. There are limited reservations for bar tables and counters on the phone number: 063377483
For more information on ticket sales, visit the eventim and ddtickets sites.

“Modern Times” is the new project of one of the best contemporary jazz musicians by Bojan Zulfikarpasic, which reveals his not so hidden love for electronic and electric music, without the acoustic piano, his fetish instrument, is used exclusively by Fender Rhodes and synthesizers.

Musical speaking, in addition to the song formats, composed by Brandy Butler for the voice of American singer, Max Zampieri, longtime companion of the Gambit electro project Julien Lourau and young bassist Antoine Guillemette, are also in the band.

Brut gig, with the sounds of everything that goes through their head, from an earmarked fank, jungle, to hard-core electronics and heart-breaking ballads … everything is a lion, there is no matrix, no lies … on a gig come just look!

Maybe some guests come across, for Safety Day, if you remember 🙂

Information: 063594294


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