[:en]BOŽO VREĆO 03.12.2017. Sava Centar

[:en]BOŽO VREĆO 03.12.2017. Sava Centar

Due to the great interest of Božo Vrećo again in Belgrade this time in Sava Center.
The artist, interpreter and author of sevdalinki Božo Vrećo has become not only a regional but also a European and a world-wide nuisance sensation. The New York Times has recently characterized this lyric tenor as “The man of angelic voice, touching the heart and caresses of souls!”, And further emphasized it as a synonym of complete freedom.
The male-female duality of God The sack from which comes a special dramatic and virtuousness, his a capella interpretation of sevdalinki makes a truly emotional experience. He has so far released four studio albums, and the latest titled “Pandora”.
Božo Vrećo lives and works in Sarajevo, and it is interesting to note that he is a master of archeology. On several occasions, he publicly stated that his greatest excavation was sevdah, but “the one who grunted and created it in it until he saw the light of day and shone with full splendor.”
In the repertoire of his neighbors’ concerts along with traditional sevdalinka, Božo Vrećo has also included sevdalinka authors, highlighting his indomitable talent and introducing himself into the authorship of the new sevdalines, where he created a void that lasted more than thirty years without the writing of new sevdalinka.

Ticket price: 1300, 1600, 1900 and 2300 dinars


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