[:en]Children of Corn – Culture and Cosmogony of ancient Mexico 22 – December 23, 2017.

[:en]Children of Corn – Culture and Cosmogony of ancient Mexico 22 – December 23, 2017.
Nemanjina 4, Beograd
22.Dec.2017 - 23.Dec.2017

Melissa Jimena Arriaga – Uembekua
is Mexican visual artist and contemporary dancer coming from shamanic family.
As part of her path, Melissa is always working for making people conscious about the connections with the nature and the Universe, and how the energy of both influences and promotes our own paths.
Making people aware of their impuls of life and of possibilities of transformation.

CHILDREN OF CORN – Culture & Cosmogony of ancient Mexico


22.12. 2018
19 h – 20:30 h

The talk is focused on sharing and exposing the main points of prehispanic Mexican pantheon; showing the similitudes and differences between them.

Olmecas, mayan,aztecs; mexicas, zapotecas; mixtecas, toltecs are moved into the belief of the feather- snake: Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl/Echecatl, that points to the importance of the element wind as creator, propulsor, and promotor in life; he is a guider, a friend, and a protector. After him a group of Gods and Goddesses based on duality and the power of nature of Cosmos with anthropomorphic behavior.

Influences on Art and Culture

23.12. 2018.
19h- 20:30 h
The second topic talks about the influences of the miscegenation into the art and cultural manifestations in Mexico, pointing to the constant and special appearance of a magic and esoteric sources, such as shamanism and nahualism.

Nemanjina street 4, 10. floor


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