[:en]Club Soul Society NY2018 Di Luna Blues Band

[:en]Club Soul Society NY2018 Di Luna Blues Band
Drinčićeva 1, Belgrade

Club Soul Society NY2018 Di Luna Blues Band

A soul club is gathering a team with a soul!
With such a team it is best to enter the New Year.
New Year’s music background was never better and closer to the real old school sound. The legendary Di Luna Blues Band will introduce you to the new sound of 2018 with a dangerous sound!

It is an undisputed Belgrade blues group, which for years has been burning concerts and clubs with the arsenal of fantastic musicians led by Dragan Marković Maret:

Goran Stojkovic Goxy – guitar, vocals
Nikola Markovic – bass
Slobodan Negic – guitar
Joca Šatrić – drums
Ivan Aleksijevic – piano
Aleksandra Aleksijevic – vocals

A bid:
The price of the ticket which includes a welcome drink from the standard offer and appetizing – 1800 rsd

Table reservations:
Bar table – 1000 rsd
Separei – 2000 rsd
Big table – 3000 rsd
Table by counter – 500 rsd

Beverages are sold at regular prices.

Tickets will be on sale from Wednesday, 6.12. in club Novi Bitefartcafe, Mitropolita Petra 8, every working day from 11-20h and club Soul Society at night when the club is open and has a program.

Information: 063.377.420

Docek Nove godine 2018 Beograd Klub Soul Society mapa


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