[:en]Connecting Love Promo 06.04.2018.Firchie Think Tank Studio

[:en]Connecting Love Promo 06.04.2018.Firchie Think Tank Studio
Bulevar Despota Stefana 5, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

Connecting Love

You can purchase tickets at all Gigstix sales points.
Pre-selling: 200 dinars
At the entrance: 300 dinars

Ivan Dragojlovic
Blur Haze
Vukašin Kićanović
Nicolas Koll

Blur Haze
In February, it will be exactly a year that he is attending DJ School of Vladimir Acić. Of all the ways of expressing the spirit, music is her. And the electronics are her.
The list of early models is long, but singled out by Hernan Cattaneo, James Zabiela and Pete Tong ..
He wants to perform and meet the audience.
She is absolutely interested in production. What’s more, it gives more love to her than to the DJ-ing itself.
When she had her first gum in Dum Dum, all the emotions had reached her after she had finished the set. Impressions are great.
This year, she will be introduced to Connecting Love under the name Blur Haze, and what she’s referring to is private life and she wanted to keep it for herself.
How else are you preparing your set?
– “Just go with a flow.” , Blur Haze said.
She likes that the clubing scene in Novi Sad has progressed over the last few years. There are more and more festivals, more often listen to world producers and DJs, and local parties are more often and better. She said we were missing some after party clubing.
He concludes: “Come to Conecting Love Fest to get to know each other.

Dj Vukasin Kicanovic comes from Temerin. In 2013, he discovered that music is what he wants to deal with.
Early examples were Marko Nastic, Magdalen, Sam Paganini, Matt Mus, Dax J, Louigi Madonna. His biggest challenge is his own production, of course. As well as to appear in hundreds of places, to have good communication with other colleagues and to listen to techna lovers for him. He prepares his set by focusing on listening to certain tape and adding exclusively what he likes at a given moment.
Vukasin believes that communication with the audience is not easy. It is necessary to recognize what masses fit, and for this you have to listen carefully and completely devote yourself.
He has visited many parties in the Ns and the surrounding area and believes that it’s time to hear something new, different! Vule’s young residents are instructed to listen carefully, to relax and to enjoy electronic music.

Nicolas Koll
We asked Nikola Smiljan (Nicolas Koll) to introduce us and it looks like this: “I started working with DJs in 2005. Everything happened quite accidentally one night with my friend and mentor DJ Marc Times, where I first had the opportunity to try mixing on turntables … With my previous knowledge of music, and probably a bit of luck, I managed to mix the recordings of the same evening. The party that I had at the moment when I replaced the basses did not give me another choice but the next day I bought my first 30 records. At first, I was “persuaded” that I would do this from a pure hobby. “Playing” at private parties, etc. I was confident that until my first public appearance. After that experience, there was no doubt that DJing was What I want to do. My only passion is music, and early examples were Dave Clarke, who at that time was one of the strongest technicians, and because of what sets I started to live techno and Sven Vath, who is still one of the biggest showmen scene.

My only challenge that I set up at the beginning of my career was to take a chance to turn around a set of 10,000 people. I’ve always wanted to feel like it would be a great deal to carry such a mass with an energetic techno set.
Production has become an integral part of the DJing. I think that every DJ who thinks to build a serious career should deal with production. I unfortunately have not mastered it yet, but I’m working on it.

Artistic name, Nicolas Koll. In the beginning, it was just Nicolas for my name Nikola. After I received the first call to perform outside of Croatia, I had to figure out something else with “Nicolas.” That was helped by my friend and mentor who was in One moment, after a few suggestions, Nicolas Koll said! The first one sounded great to me, but I was skeptical because it seemed like a call to me, but when he told me that he thought it was Cole, I accepted the proposal. After I checked on the Internet the meaning of the word “Koll” which in the Old Norse signifies “dark” and that the KOLL initials for the term “Knowledge of language and life” no longer had any doubt that this was the real name for me.

I’m not preparing a set. I’m not the clear DJs who set up the house at home and just made it to the show. It’s as if he recorded a set at home and released it to the party. By the time the DJ who works before me does not let the last tape, I do not I know which will be my first, because I always try to add to his set and take him in his direction.

Clubbing in the NS and the surroundings is great! It has a lot of quality events, it hosts great names, and there are lots of local DJs that do their job very well.
Few messages to young people: Do not use P.L.U.R. like a phrase, live it! Think out of the box …. and over the red or the living head! ”

Ivan Dragojlovic
He is actively engaged for two years, as he says, “Diežizmom”. Prior to that, he dealt with production. When the metal band collapsed into k


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