[:en]Creative Ballet Workshop by George Stanciu 10.12.2017. Danzart

[:en]Creative Ballet Workshop by George Stanciu 10.12.2017.  Danzart
Pavla Hatza 12, Zagreb

DanzArt´s Creative Ballet Workshop by George Stanciu

Created for the young and adult non-professional dancer, DanzArt´s Creative Ballet Workshop is an opportunity to work with the HNK principal dancer, George Stanciu, in the technical, artistic, and creative elements underlying ballet and modern dance.

This 4-hour workshop offers a holistic approach to dance training, integrating the rigorous technical elements of ballet and modern dance with somatic practices for strength, alignment, and body-awareness, and the support of each individual’s creative and artistic intelligence. The exercises will be taught and executed in manageable segments with special attention to stretching, alignment, core strength, and balance.

In addition to the technical training, creative processing through composition and organized improvisation will also be incorporated as a tool for the dancer to develop body awareness and express his/her inner state, thoughts and feelings. The workshop will finish with a choreography jointly created by the participants and the teacher and a discussion to share the dance workshop experience.

This exciting, challenging and nurturing workshop is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced-level students.

Venue: DanzArt Studio Zagreb, Pavla Hatza 12, 1st Floor
Time: 11:00 am
Duration: 4 hours
Fee: 180 kn
As capacity is limited, prior registration is required.

About the teacher:
George Stanciu was born in 1982, in Iasi, Romania. He graduated from the University for Ballet and Choreography in Kiev in 1999. Immediately after finishing his ballet studies, he started to work at the Croatian National Theater and in 2008 he was promoted to principal dancer, performing in the major roles in all HNK classical and modern ballets. He was awarded many prizes in various National and International Ballet Competitions. More recently, in 2016, he started to work as a ballet teacher in the dance schools “Sirius” and “Osmijeh”.
George Stanciu is a very creative person, with a sound and strong ballet technique, who loves spending his free time working with non-professional dancers and creating music for dancing and singing.


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