[:en]Dirty Soundz | Battric & MIVU, 031 Republic, sam.Luda 12.05.2018. KPTM

[:en]Dirty Soundz | Battric & MIVU, 031 Republic, sam.Luda 12.05.2018. KPTM
Žorža Klemansoa 22, Beograd

After great poets in our country, the founders and residents of the party series Dirty SoundZ Battric & MIVU will again promote high-quality club sound in Belgrade!

Dirty Soundz was launched in 2012 in cooperation with Rale Raa, who by the end of May 2014 brought the greatest burden of the organization and hosted many foreign names that first performed in Belgrade for the first time: Mihai Popoviciu, Archie Hamilton, Manuel de Lorenzi, Dimitri Monev and Someone Else, and the series was crowned the May 2014 festival of the same name.

After a three-year break Dirty SoundZ again in action! The joint forces, Battric & MIVU, 031 Republic and DBDZ are launching a new wave of club parties under the old name. This once-popular anderground platform wants to gather the old and embrace a new team of minimal and tech fans, as well as fans of an intimate club atmosphere.

Battric & MIVU, born in Pristina, are now residing in Belgrade. Owners are Verbreiten Records labels. Born in a musical family where the sound of the guitar Batric and Milic is constantly growing up, they are listening to varieties of alternative music, developing a gradual sense of quality music. As time passed, the stages of life in which the older brothers became older became the drummer in the hard core band, and the younger listened to hip hop, constantly developing the feeling for being, for the chin, for the bass line, for the grub. So it all started, they formed a duo known as Battric & MIVU. Ever since their first appearances, their sets have been composed of a minimalist sound, always striving to make the sound as underground, while making a great atmosphere, they are always willing to work on multiple b2b sets. It has been a part of the electronic scene for 10 years now, where they have been bailed out at major festivals in Southeast Europe as well as at Exit, where they have performed at the greatest dance stage – Dance Arena with names such as Dubfire, Martin Butrich, Davide Squillace … They have over 30 electronic releases, 4 signed vinyl releases and a lot of remixes. Among the labels we can mention Baile Musik, Metroline Limited, Inwave, Fantastic Friends, Monday Morning, Act Natural Records …

Line UP:

Battric & MIVU
031 Republic



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