[:en]Disco Susret Party w/ Dragan Kozlica & Funky Junkie 10.02.2018.Feedback

[:en]Disco Susret Party w/ Dragan Kozlica & Funky Junkie 10.02.2018.Feedback
Balkanska 2a, Niš

Dragan Kozlica is a legendary radio host and one of the first DJs outside Niš the young generation could listen here through the radio waves. In his show “Disco Meeting” on radio “Belgrade 202”, every Wednesday he promoted and released the latest records played in those times in clubs around the world. Without any reservation, it can be said that Dragan, together with Zoran Modli, represents the paradigm of hedonistic music and the way of life that young generations of the 80s experienced in Yugoslavia at the time, as well as a role model for many famous DJs. Although he has been present for more than a decade in music and one of the DJs with the longest time who continuously works (if not the longest), he is still more than active in clubs. His set features an eclectic mix of all styles in music from the seventies to the nineties. From fun to proto-house sound, from a bit of disco to 80’s pop music. This is a unique and ideal opportunity for all those who love the well-chosen music of the 80’s, for all nostalgics, as well as those who still like to hear the vintage sound i the clubs today. And who can do it better than those who have presented these records and created the club scene that we know today?

On this occasion, DJ Funky Junkie (Dejan Gavrilovic), one of those to whom Kozlica had a great musical influence, will also join his sesei for the mix, and especially for this occasion he will bring his vinyls from the 1980s which he plays very rarely. Italo disco, 80’s groove, pop and new wave.


* before: RSD 250 Vintage ShopGalileo Tours
* on the day: RSD 300


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