[:en]Divna Ljubojević 15.04.2018. Kolarac

[:en]Divna Ljubojević 15.04.2018. Kolarac
Studentski trg 5, Beograd

On sale are tickets for the concert on Kolarac on April 15, 2018 at the price of 1,700, 2,000 and 2,200 dinars:
The concert of Divna Ljubojevic and the choir “Melodrom” on Kolarac on April 15, 2018 is held within the framework of the concert ZLATNA NIT, whose idea is to present to the local audience a thread that connects the musical heritage of Serbia, from the Middle Ages to the modern age, with the musical heritage of Byzantium and the countries of the Byzantine cultural circle (Greece, Bulgaria, Russia). It is an approach that has thrilled audiences around the world, all the way to Macao and Hong Kong. Russian admirers of Lovely Work will have the opportunity to see this program four days earlier, in the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, and after Kolarac the tour continues in April concerts in N. Sadu and Subotica …
To recall, Divna Ljubojević is the bearer of numerous national and international recognitions. Among the newer ones is the PGP RTS Award for the best-selling album in Serbia in 2016. The album with spiritual music was looking for more than fun or folk music! – Before the Divine, something like that was invisible …


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