[:en]ĐORĐE BALAŠEVIĆ 26.12.2017. Arena

[:en]ĐORĐE BALAŠEVIĆ 26.12.2017. Arena
Arena, Zagreb

Just as he promised, this December, Balašević returns to Zagreb Arena.

After the excellent performances in Čakovec, Opatija, Varaždin, the announced concert in Osijek and the last year’s promise to make every year appear at the Zagreb Arena on the same date, December 26, the promise will be fulfilled.

“There is always a special atmosphere in Zagreb, always a special emotion, but really. I do not speak this in every town. And at this time of the Internet you can easily check it out. Zagreb has always been a special event for me. I think I still have something I can offer to my audience in Zagreb, I have some new songs. Balašević said.

The ticket sale for this concert begins on Sunday (19/20 November) at midnight.

As usual, tickets for his concerts disappear with lightning speed, but it is no surprise that Balasevic is one of those performers who are always welcome and who always make a spectacle for the audience. For years on his concerts you can meet both older and younger generations, who unanimously sing his timeless ballads.

Last year’s concert Balašević honored the audience with some of his songs that rarely performed – Nevernik, Virovitica, Influence of cousins ​​on my life, Do not break me the bagels but also the songs that the audience always greeted with a terrible applause, such as – Devojka with Chorus Legs, Provincial , Lepa’s daughter-in-law, Bozo’s famous pub and many others.

Are you ready for another special, fairytale and magical Christmas with Balašević’s most beautiful songs?


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