[:en]Do not Give Up, Ines!Benefit concert 04.04.2018.Mocvara

[:en]Do not Give Up, Ines!Benefit concert 04.04.2018.Mocvara
Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb

Do not Give Up, Ines!” Is a humanitarian music-scene program designed to raise funds for the utmost care of our friend, colleague, companion and artist Ines Kotarac; she has been fighting for two years with an unidentified, unnamed autoimmune disease. The program will be held on Wednesday, April 4, at Močvara Club, starting at 20:00.

In Močvara for Ines there are:

House Of Flamingo (Colinda EvangelistaEntity i Spazam Orgazam u live aranžmanu)
🍀 Žen
🍀 Seven Mouldy Figs
🍀 Svemir
🍀 Sergio

We send good vibrations this night and dance, we laugh and give in to Ines as quick as possible! More information about the program will be posted on the event pages in the coming days. The donation for the program is 40 kunas, and the amount collected goes for the purpose of Inesen’s treatment and the faster the recovery. The tickets will be available on the day of the program at the entrance to the Močvara Club.

* * *

Two years ago Ines felt the first signs that something was wrong with her body. She started to lose pounds fast, they moved harder, and the pain began. After months spent first in Split and then in Zagreb hospital during which the doctors tried to find cause and response in a series of painful and unpleasant searches. Unfortunately, that did not happen and Ines from the hospital was released only with a list of symptoms they said could be signs of some unknown autoimmune disease. Treatment is a corticosteroid, a drug that is not really because it only squeezes the symptoms and in turn generates more harm than good. Despite the illness, Inesina’s passion for photography did not eradicate and through the project “In and about pain” through photography and text she conveyed the experiences of patients, nurses and doctors about pain ..

During the next couple of months, Ines is on therapy with Dr. Katarina Dujmović, who works in bioresonance, magnet, oxygen and natural preparations. However, it is a rather expensive therapy that Ines, currently unable to work and finance his own recovery, can not settle for himself.

After completing her university education, Ines Kotarac wrote about culture in Vjesnik and Vijenac, on the online portals Queer.hr and Voxfeminae.net and collaborated on several lexicographic and terminological projects. His journalistic and later artistic work influenced and enriched our lives through words and images, professionally and personally. That’s why we are solid and help Ines overcome the challenges ahead.

“Do not give in, Ines!” Is a humanitarian program that is organized by the forces of friendships and friends, acquaintances and supporters of photographer Ines Kotarac.

Anyone who is unable to attend the program, but willing to contribute by donation (or otherwise), we invite you to send us a message to the Inbox House of Flamingo or make a donation to IBAN Ines Kotarac HR1223600003218557930 at Zagrebacka banka (with the indication “Do not give , Ines “- donation).

See you in Močvara on April 4th!


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