[:en]DORCOLICA – is a children’s New Year’s Fair 22 – 23.2017. Dorcol Plazt

[:en]DORCOLICA –  is a children’s New Year’s Fair  22 – 23.2017. Dorcol Plazt
Dobračina 59b, Beograd
22.Dec.2017 - 23.Dec.2017

DORCOLICA is a children’s New Year’s Fair filled with toys and workshops for children, theater performances … Vasar Dorćolica is intended primarily for the youngest, but also for their parents, grandmothers, grandparents and all those interested. Parents will be able to handle their youngest with new year gifts bought at a ferry.

This year we will collect toys, wardrobe and sweets for children without parental care.

We want our fair yard to contain a fairy-tale atmosphere and that all visitors feel as if they were walking into a special world – the world of New Year’s magic. For this, we need all those who want to contribute to and participate in this event. That’s why we invite all interested people who want to exhibit or become part of the children’s program to come together to bring Dorćolica together!


FRIDAY, December 22, 2017

The show WHO TAMO PRLJA (for children aged up to the second grade of elementary school)
Bojan and Jeca are brothers and sisters who constantly play together and argue. The seemingly harmless things are coming to the conflict. Yeca complains that Bojan never picked up things after playing and that he must be all alone … threatening him that Praljak will be punished for it because … But Bojan is a great boy who does not believe in fairies and witches ….
– Bojan boasts that he is the most decisive boy in the end … But Jeca knows that Bojan is by no means … Bojan does not want to admit and agrees that Praljak is punishing him (because he does not exist) … and let him rise and lash the ears if they lie. The choreography in which the villa puts her ears and real mess in the apartment follows. In the morning, it’s clear to everyone that Bojan has lied, but he defends himself with the claims: Why should I throw waste when the street is not mine? Why should I be careful when no one else is watching? On these issues, after the animation and flash discussion forum with the audience, we answer the song and the dance floor Vila. When Bojan understands this, ears and fertilizers disappear, and Bojan, Jeca and all children solemnly promise Vili Dobric to guard the city.

The show is an integral part of the campaign “Do not Spray. You have no excuse! “Conceived and run by SBB, Total TV and SBB Foundation. It is an interactive musical performance with elements of dance sequences, which through the game, underlines the idea of ​​responsibility towards the common (city, place of life) and the necessity of orderliness and hygiene.
Actors: Bojan – Uros Jovcic, Nikola Randjelovic, Jeca – Maja Lukic
Ballerina: Vila Dobrić – Jelena Davidović, Villa Prljalić – Marija Mihailović
Choreographer: Svetozar Krstic, Ana Krstic
Composer: Vojin Ristivojevic (Country of the Dead)
Director: Boško Đorđević
Dramaturg: Bojan Butkovic
Production: Association of Independent Professional Children’s Theater and Una Saga Serbica
Entrance to the show is free, but you can in turn take some sweet or toy or some kind of wardrobe for children without parental care.

Workshop “I Read You A Story” (for preschool children, although children from first and second grade come in)
At the workshop we read a book / picture book according to the choice of children, we talk about it, after reading we play, we go through the Wonderful Forest of Knowledge (represented by shelves with books), children choose what they want to be, we draw for the Bookshop (invisible dinosaur living in the library yard ), we have a flight time and “Ažda’s dance”, that is, a list of activities within the workshop, we talk about healthy food and art.
Number of places is limited to 20 children.

Workshop Making New Year’s Decoration (for children aged 4+)
We make new year decoration from various materials. Let your child make an ornament to cover the New Year’s Christmas tree.
Number of places is limited to 20 children.

The show TAJNE DUNAVA (for children aged 3+)
The action of this interactive performance takes place on the banks of the Danube River, which is “cradling” with its water during the oasis of nature in the heart of Belgrade – a large war island. Two children, brother and sister, Ema and Lazar, playing the island, find a book over 100 years old, leading them to an unforgettable adventure. She introduces them to the negligent mess, kechigom and mammoth. In a very interesting way, children are screened on screens with 3D animated animals that used to live on the Great War Island. The performance is an exceptional source of knowledge or different areas and it introduces us to the Danube and the Great War Island. It will flush the imagination of children, awaken curiosity and a sense of true theater values.
They play: Gusar Zika – Dubravko Jovanovic, Ema – Maja Lukić, Lazar – Vladimir Paunović
Directed by: Dubravko Jovanovic
Text: Zlatko Grušanović
Production: Bast production
Ticket: 400.00

SATURDAY, December 23, 2017.

PIRATI performance (for children up to the second grade of elementary school)
The funny and twisted Pirate decides to start a new march, but he realizes that he needs a boat. Since his ship was sunk in the last sailing, the idea is to take away the most beautiful and largest ship he sees anchored in the harbor. Walking up, he saw a beautiful and great ship that would be perfect for his sailing. It is the ship of Prince Alexander and his beautiful princess Jelly who were preparing for a journey along the islands of the kingdom. With them on their way goes their silly maid of honor.
There are four players playing, with a lot of acrobats, ballet, step, jazz ballet, folklore, hip-hop, contemporary games and comics.
The ballet players are: Malina Stanojković, Jelena Davidović, Natasa Nenadić, Aleksandar Simić, Marko Mrvošević and Dragiša Draža.
Choreographers of the musical: Ana Krstic and Svetozar Krstic
Production: Una Saga Serbica
Ticket: 400.00

Painting workshop devoted to learning Latin (for children 6-8 years)
Through the story of letters, pencils and crayons we learn the Latin script.
Number of places is limited to 20 children.

and for younger children at 12.30
Creative workshop (for babies and children from 1 to 3 years (
Make a break with a little boy and sit with us to play a bit. Nana from Nana through the day on Saturday will make dough and plaque with you and your boyfriend


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