[:en]Embryo & guests 03.04.2018. KC Grad

[:en]Embryo & guests 03.04.2018. KC Grad
Braće Krsmanović 4, Beograd

Embryo – these are crazy creative musicians who play some really good stuff!” (Miles Davis)
“For 40 years, Embryo has become the most exciting fusion of music from all over the world” (Eurock reviews)
“This is” the music of the world “(Thom Jurek)

One of the most original and most unusual bands of today, Embryo combines traditional ethno music with its own space rock jazz. In its 30 years of experience on the scene and 20 released albums, the band has traveled through the world playing with hundreds of different musicians of all genres.

April 3rd are coming to KC City and this is the first time presented to the Belgrade audience

Formed in 1969 in Munich, Germany, Embryo is one of the most important German jazz bands of the seventies, and criticism also describes them as an eclectic curve band. In his many years of career, he played with the great jazz pianist Mal Waldron, saxophonist Charlie Marian, and names such as Trilok Gurt, Fela Kuti and many others.

The energy produced on the scene is not only the result of ingenious music techniques, but also the fact that this team in each of their performances truly impresses their experiences. Whether it is their bus tour to India, traveling to Morocco, Nigeria, or Japan – the band is like a nomadic country everywhere receiving the influences of the cultures of these countries. Therefore, it is no wonder that critics describe their genre-evolution as a transition from the jumble of jazz to the “world music” genre.

The group’s free and unconventional spirit is also witnessed by the fact that since 2016, Marja Burchard, the former frontman of Christiana Burchard, became the leading band member, and as she grew up with the band, she has a new energy.

With Embryo everything is in the fusion: jazz, time, ethno, improvisation – everything stacks in pure music and an unmistakable trip, which looks almost unfinished.


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