[:en]Festival of Epic Fantasy 27 – 28.01.2018. Dom omladine

[:en]Festival of Epic Fantasy 27 – 28.01.2018. Dom omladine
Makedonska 22, Beograd
27.Jan.2018 - 28.Jan.2018

January 27th and 28th at the Belgrade Youth Center Festival of epic fantasy. During the two days, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in various types of programs. The program includes both days of a larger number of stands, a larger number of clubs will bring together various social games that visitors will be able to play, try out or compete. In addition, Larp’s companies have prepared a special program, and the cosplay stands and competition are well prepared. The program takes place in the upper rooms of the Youth Center of Belgrade (American Hall – part intended for stands and cosplay), small club and part in front for social games and exhibitors.

The convention includes: social games, stands and cosplay (ticket price per day is 200 dinars)

The main social games and the festival: Dungeons and Dragons (DND) and Magic the Gathering (will be confirmed by social games in the coming days). Clubs that participate: C22 New Belgrade, Club Conflux, Club Hydra

Discussions and lectures (below short announcements, you can find a long description of the stands):
14:30 The Witcher Tribune (Dimitrije Curcic and Dimitrije Sobot)
16:00 Warcraft tribune “Myth about Lich King” (Vladimir Stankovic)
17:00 Heavy Metal and Epic Fantasy Part 3 (Aleksandar Petrovic Celtic (Despot, Orthodox Celts), Marko Miranovic (Metal Sound, Numenor), Vladimir Gacevic (Claymorean)
18:30 Cosplay tribine (Damjan Sibanski and Borivoje Naumovski)
19:30 Serbian writers in epic fantasy (Dimitrije Stevanovic, Ivan Brankovic, Nebojsa Petkovic, Zoran Petrovic, Milena Stojanovic)
14:30 Dungeons and Dragons
16:00 What are quotes except Tolkien-other writers and books of epic fantasy (Milos Petrik, Bojan Butkovic, Marko Miranovic)
17:00 The hidden world of Tolkien (Marko Miranovic)
18:00 Lost Traditions and Early Prices from Silmarillion (Marko Vasic)
19:30 Cosplay competition and awards

-Warcraft Discussion: The Myth of Lich King
Lich King is one of the most mysterious, powerful and controversial figures in Warcraft universe. But who and what exactly does this be? A large part of the lore is actually focused on this and many legends, myths, facts, and semi-facts are interwoven around it. Lich King is certainly a complex construction, a set of various religious, occult and mythological motives. The tragic and dark fate of the lost mortal soul will lead to the creation of one of the greatest enemies of Azeroth – or maybe the hero of the planet? We will try all this to light up the debate.

-Lossed Traditions and Early Prices from Silmarillion (Marko Vasic)
The tribune will be about the creation and development of the pra-versions of the story of the cosmogony from the Silmarillon – those that have not entered the official version of the book, which have been omitted or changed. Some of them are: the legend of the Eriolian sailor, the slaughter of Angara, the creation of the Sun and the Moon, the creation and composition of Silmaril, the construction of the Gate of the Night, the early version of Beren and Lutijena, an early version of the Tingol murder story and the seventh big battle Dagor Dagorath.

-Heavy Metal and Epic fantasy 3rd part (Aleksandar Petrovic Celtic (Despot, Orthodox Celts), Marko Miranovic (Metal Sound, Numenor), Vladimir Gacevic (Claymorean)
The third part of the traditional tribune this time, with a special reference to individual bands that marked the 1980s in America and Europe. Namely, so far, we have mostly mentioned the most famous names, but now we will pay attention to even less well-known names. Michael Moorcock, Conan, Tolkien … they all had a decisive influence on the development of Heavy Metal. Special guest Vladimir Gacevic from Claymorean. Prizes will be awarded during the forum.

-Skriveni svet Tolkina (Marko Miranovic)
Many things, events and terms related to Tolikone prices have not been fully clarified. On this tribe we take you on a journey in the distant past of Tolkien’s world, and we will be able to see when and why the first Istars appeared, what were the role of Palantiri, which was originally the purpose of the rings of power and who was their cousin, how Isildur had fallen and how was the lost and hidden ring so much time that Isengard made and why …

-The Witcher Tribune (Dimitrije Curcic and Dimitrije Sobot)
Have you ever wondered what is the difference between the Gulp and the algae?
Or how did the monsters reach our universe?
Perhaps you wonder how Geralt’s figure from Riviera originated in 1986?
On all these and other questions you will get answers to the The Witcher-The Guide through the gloomy world of silver and steel.

– All citations except Tolkien (Milos Petrik, Bojan Butkovic, Marko Miranovic)
For many readers, Tolkin opened the door of fantasy to his Hobbit and the epic trilogy of Lord of the Rings. Many fans of fantasy, however, stayed on this, with a few very few who read and his other works.
To those who stopped there and asked “what to read now”, we will help with a short talk about some other fiction authors: Michael Murkoco, Tim Pauers, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Canyon Mjevilo, and Jack Vens.

-Tribina o Cosplayu guest Borivoje Naumovski OriCosplay. 27. 01.2018.
Program based on


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