[:en]FRANCESCO TRISTANO 27.04.2018.Kombank Dvorana

[:en]FRANCESCO TRISTANO 27.04.2018.Kombank Dvorana
Trg Nikole Pašića 1, Beograd

KOMBANK Hall – the former Hall of the House of Trade Unions
The ceremonial opening of the Kombank Hall will magnify Francesco Tristano, the world-renowned pianist of classical and electronic music, and the RTS Symphony Orchestra, headed by master Bojan Suđić. The unusual combination of the classical sound of the Symphony Orchestra of RTS and Francesca Tristan will give an unforgettable experience of music. One of the country’s largest musical compositions, an orchestra representing a pillar of culture and classical music, will perform alongside a pianist who sailed to the techno world, and is considered one of the most original electronic musicians of his generation.

Francesco Tristano

A pianist, a baroque and contemporary music specialist who sailed into the techno world where he is today one of the most original electronic musicians of his generation, is the only artist who creates a crowd in the club scene as well as in classical concert halls. Refusing to adhere to the rules, it’s a good example that classic musicians can make a complete shift in the electronic world. The fearlessness of Francesco Tristano combines epochs and styles, enabling them to collide, conveying that everything he does is an expression of the open mind and the view that there are no borders.

RTS Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra of RTS was founded in 1937 as one of the largest musical compositions in the country, and now, almost 80 years later, the orchestra represents a pillar of culture and classical music, not only in Serbia, but also in the region. In the last eight decades, the Symphony Orchestra has greatly contributed to the quality of the music scene, developing it, and especially fostering Serbian music heritage. During his rich history, the ensemble hosted conductors from all over the world and at the same time filled music arenas in Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Russia, France, Italy and many other countries, receiving very flattering reviews.

Bojan Suđić, conductor

The RTS Symphony Orchestra has been the conductor of the conductor Bojan Suđić for the last 10 years. His skill to practice music as his own creative act made him one of the leading figures, not only in Serbian, but also on the world stage of classical music. His talent took him to more than 40 orchestras and compositions on all sides of the world including the Rome Symphony Orchestra in Italy, the Carinthian Symphony Orchestra in Austria, and the Moscow Chamber Orchestra in Russia.


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