[:en]Garden Bazaar 28 – 29.04.2018. Dorcol Platz

[:en]Garden Bazaar 28 – 29.04.2018. Dorcol Platz
Dobračina 59b, Beograd
28.Apr.2018 - 29.Apr.2018

The time has come for all finally greened winter colors to disappear from the face of the city, and spring gives us a new chance to turn our balconies, inner courtyards and gardens into places of enjoyment and encounter. So reserve 28th and 29th of April for Garden Bazaar in Dorcol Platz, where you can find a temporary city garden where you can find many new but also old, proven ideas for your space or simply relax and allow yourself to get infected with the optimism of the spring.

The Garden Bazaar is coming to enrich the spring in the city! Find plants for your space, garden or yard with tasting products from natural ingredients. Gift your dear person or your original handicrafts from natural materials and support such small producers. Expect free workshops for the youngest visitors and a special treat will be Matina’s play on Saturday, April 28, with the sounds of swing and rock and roll as an additional invitation to enjoy and relax.

The organizers are planning to turn Bašta Bazar into a regular manifestation that will in one place give affirmation to all who are looking for their inspiration in nature and have no opportunity to reach the audience through standard ways of promotion. We consider that the culture and quality of life in the city today imply more greenery and nature than concrete.

This is also an ideal opportunity to support the concept of city gardens by providing an example of planting a plant or tree in its surroundings or neighborhood. We connect with nature that is unjustly expelled from the city, we bring optimism into everyday life and awaken the creativity of all generations

Organizers: Zdravac – Center for gardens and agro-culture and Belgrade Flower Festival in cooperation with Dorćol Platz

Contact phone number +381658854415
Applications for exhibitors: zdravac@ekonaut.org


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