[:en]General Woo & Funksteri 11.01.2018 Vintage Industrial

[:en]General Woo & Funksteri 11.01.2018 Vintage Industrial
Savska cesta 160, Zagreb

THURSDAY 11.1.2018. General Woo & Funksteri @Vintage Industrial Bar And Doors 20:00 h And Concert 21:30 h And Maps 50/65 kn I Pre-sale: VIB & Dirty Old Shop

General Woo returns to Vintage Industrial on January 11, 2018 and brings with him his band Funkster! Do not miss the best of Croatian hip hop in the performance of Woo & Funkster!

This is not just another rap concert, this is a concert rap spectacle for the ear, the eye and the soul. This is a rip off live!

His real name is Srđan Ćuk, and the nickname Woo (VU) is related to his hometown of Vukovar. Woo’s hip-hop story begins at the beginning of the nineties when it comes to Zagreb, but is completely “infected” with hip hop and participates in a couple of demo bands gathering around the cult show Blackout Rap Show. In 1996 with Nenad Simun (Target) founded Tram 11. Until the band’s breakup in 2003, they released three studio albums and three compilations.

2002 will be the year of his independent work. He left his album of the simple name “General Woo”. The album has announced an excellent retro jigsaw called “Fix,” which represents a ghastly review of the eighties and the things that were then. There are a number of famous names on the album: Target, Sick Brothers, John Kindl, Ivana Husar from Divasica and many others.

In 2005, in cooperation with the Zagreb raper Neredom under the label Menarta, the album is released This is a beautiful world. Behind that, there were three other albums.

The latest refreshment happened on November 11, 2017, when after a very, very long period of time, Dom Sportov had filled Tram 11. To begin the music jargon, we see you on Thursday, January 11, at Vintage Industrial.

1999. Tram 11 – The man does not get angry
2000. Tram 11 – The heat of the urban asphalt
2003. Tram 11 – Secret Black Boxes
2002. General Woo – Takozvani
2005 General Woo – This is a beautiful world with Neredom
2006. General Woo – Blood is not water
2011 General Woo – Verbal Delikt
2014. General Woo – Pad System

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