[:en]GOA Inside (Vinyl Edition) 02.01.2018. KPTM

[:en]GOA Inside (Vinyl Edition) 02.01.2018. KPTM
Žorža Klemansoa 22, Beograd

We have a New Year’s retro event for gourmets.
First, because the vinyl edition of the Goa Trance Series, which we worked in Novi Sad until a couple of years ago, is another, because we have a guest who is one of the pioneers of our trance scene, especially the Goa Trance scene, Srdjan Stankovic.

Srđan Stankovic was one of the founders of the Intellect organization during the 1990s, making the first post the same as the Government, Aki and Filip.
He stopped professionally playing the music already very long ago ’99, but he had a little ‘come back’, right in this club and on our daily edition of the retro party in June 2017.
Now you have the opportunity to listen to it again, as it will, like the last time, have a ‘all vinyl set’, exclusively old school Goa Trance editions.

Wishes are of course always welcome, just stick to the years of relevance within the framework of our retro trance series 1992-2002.

————————————————– —————————————-

Line up:

> Filip Nikolaevic (USB / Magnetik)
> Srdjan Stankovic: All Vinyl Set (exIntellect)
> Mica (USB / Mars Flowers)
> Mark Panic (USB / Belgrade Afterhours)


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