[:en]Gordon Raphael & The Half Full Flashes (USA) 03.05.2018. Dorcol Platz

[:en]Gordon Raphael & The Half Full Flashes (USA) 03.05.2018. Dorcol Platz
Dobračina 59b, Beograd

Gordon Raphael, the producer who is most deserving for the first demos, as well as for the epoch-making Debut album  The Strokes – “Is This It?” Will premiered and launch a European tour with his band The Half Full Flashes on Thursday, May 3 In 2018, at the club Dorćol Platz(Dobracina 59b), organized by RockSvirke.com concert agency starting at 9 pm.

600 RSD – promotional price (limited contingent until sold or until April 23)
800 RSD – pre-sale price (until May 2)
1000 RSD – on the day of the concert (May 3rd)

Outlets: Eventim Serbia, GIGS TIX, DD Tickets, FELIX Shop, TC Sremska, Zbornica and Dorćol Platz

Ticket reservation is possible via e-mail: office@rocksvirke.com (name and surname, contact telephone).

Gordon Raphael (Raphael) is an American musician who is best known for his production and recognition of true talents, and their catapulting among the global stars. He is most deserving for the first demos, as well as for the epoch-making debut album The Strokes – “Is This It?” He started co-operation with Regina Spektor, when someone recommended that he check the “unknown Russian girlfriend”.

“View From Blue”: https://youtu.be/EDcMyknx8FI

As a musician, Gordon formed two bands in his native Seattle, Mental Mannequin and Color Twigs. During the nineties and a well-known revolt of the Revolution, he was a keyboardist at the Sky Cries Mary psychedelic band, as well as a member of the dark-wave band Absinthee with Anna Mercedes.

“It’s So Sleepy In This Noisey Chair” (Live): https://youtu.be/zuLncL5Dir0

Along with the success of Strokes’s first album, in 2002, he moved to London and founded The Silver Transporterraum of London. In the first years he worked with about 30 bands, and was in charge of the sounds of the band The Libertines on their first official British tour.

“In the Studio with Gordon Raphael”: https://youtu.be/arDNDsSAQpc

In 2005, he moved to Berlin where he collaborated with numerous European bands including Zeno and the Stoics (Madrid), Mikkel Glasser (Copenhagen), Husky Stash (Berlin), Sue and the Unicorn (Berlin), Satellites (Mallorca), Big Deal (London), A Brand (Brussels), Deportivo (Paris), Scanners (London), Olivia Anna Livki (Berlin), Super 700 (Berlin), Ian Astbury (London), Eva Loft (Berlin), The Michelles Berlin)
Although Damon Albarn, Ian Brown, Ian Estbury (Ian Astbury) from the band The Cult and Spanish Hinds – with a huge number of smaller bands – had the opportunity to testify about the quality of his production, Gordon Rafael , first of all, musician and singer: “I like to produce, but playing guitar and writing songs is what I’ve always done,” Raphael says, adding, “I just wanted to show what I know working on the other side of the table, but the production started to make me an obstacle “.

“Mannequins On Parade”: https://youtu.be/AZoxlolrXC0

It now replaces it with a new record called “Sleep On The Radio” released on February 9 this year. The album contains twelve exciting tracks that reflect everything he listened to during his lifetime, but are particularly inspired by David Bowie’s glamorous rock, the unmistakable sound of guitar Mick Ronson, the glam-pop perfection of Sparks from Kimono My House “The period and love of prog rock and the strange sounds of Frank Zappa.

“I Sleep On The Radio” (Tin Roof Session): https://youtu.be/r7rtdajGC6I

In addition to this, Gordon has created a whole new accompanying band stationed in Berlin. These are the late musicians Daniel Benjamin and Eleni Zafiriadou from the Sea & Air group and drummer Kevin Kun (Kuhn), a member of Die Nerven.



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