[:en]Green Circle – Annual Exhibition of Design Department 02 – 28.04.2018.DKSG

[:en]Green Circle – Annual Exhibition of Design Department 02 – 28.04.2018.DKSG
Bulevar Zorana Đinđića179, Beograd
02.Apr.2018 - 28.Apr.2018

Belgrade Polytechnic has traditionally been in the Gallery of the Cultural Center Studentski grad (Novi Beograd), organizes an exhibition of student works of the Department of Design as an integral part of the teaching process.

The theme of this year’s Green Curriculum exhibition is symbolically pointing to our relationship with ecology and recycling. The idea of ​​the exhibition is to connect the Department of Design and the Recycling Technologies study program. The aim is to provide the community with research and education processes in designing designs in the field of eco design, recycling and new technologies and their creative conversion without the use of high and expensive resources and technologies. Given that today’s society has extinguished itself by excessive consumption, the design attempts to solve the problem with different approaches. If we want a new, high-quality, healthy and conscious society, design plays a major role in achieving this goal. During the exhibition, Wamppp project and creative recycling workshops on paper massage, recycled jewelery and recycled use items (souvenirs, toys) were presented. In addition to the social role of recycling, at the exhibition students exhibit the most successful works of all directions: graphic, industrial and fashion, as well as artwork and final papers with topics on which all segments of the sociological aspect are presented – health, education, ecology, culture, antiwar movements and others current topics of contemporary society.

The exhibition includes two segments: exhibitions and art projects. It is of great importance for the teaching process itself as evaluating and monitoring the work of one generation of students. Contemporary trends in the field of design, appearance and use of new technologies and materials, all the massive use of digital technologies in design and market demands, encourages us to modernize and improve the quality of teaching and oblige students to prepare for today’s market in accordance with their creativity. The exhibition is an opportunity to evaluate our pedagogical skills in fostering young talents, through their work in classical fine arts and digital technologies.

Exhibiting activity is essential for students. They get acquainted with the organization of the setting itself and the public presentation of their work. For many, this is the first professional presentation and the overview of work in a new dimension to the public and the media. The best works from art objects will be separated by the award of the Praise of the Belgrade Polytechnic. With this event, we encourage students to engage even more in their creative work. Pointing to the public on young talents, we will introduce future students to the Belgrade Polytechnic and study programs at the Department of Design.

Supporting program – Workshops:
Paper Mass – held by Davor Dukic, will be held on April 19, 2018 at 11.00
Recycled jewelry – held by Ana Cvijanović will be held on April 20th, 2018 at 11.00
Lecture within the WAMPPP project will be held at the opening of the exhibition on 02. 04. 2018. at 18.00 for 15 minutes.

The exhibition lasts until April 28th.


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