[:en]Hotel Prestige NY 2018

[:en]Hotel Prestige NY 2018
Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 24, Beograd

In a unique and elegant space in a four-star hotel, we designed a complete event to turn magical New Year’s Eve into reality. Excellent gastronomic offer and impeccable service are designed to meet your expectations. In the “Hotel Prestige” there is a Deluxe Hall of Fame. For our esteemed guests, there is a large guarded parking lot for 200 vehicles.
Wait a new year with style at Prestige Hotel with Dragica Radosavljevic Cakan and Lava Band !! This brilliant artist, the star of the stars for decades, in addition to being a top singer, is also known for making a pre-atmosphere an atmosphere in performances and unselfishly singing all the best hits of the local and entertaining music of her colleagues, and singing for you throughout the New Year’s Eve. So do not be surprised when you hear the performance of Barbara Streisend and the most powerful hits from this space. With the accompaniment of the phenomenal Lava band, everyone will be on their feet, this is guaranteed!

A drink
Drinks unlimited:
– Gyn
– Vodka
– Vermouth
– Pelinkovac
– Vinjak
– Lozovača
– Sljivovica
– Dunever
– Caesarian
– Viljamovka
– Beer: Heineken 0, 4
– Wines: Orfelin Kovačević (black, white, rose).
– Juices: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Peach, Pomorandža. apple, blueberries, etc.
– Water: Knjaz Miloš and Aqua Viva
– Coffee: Homemade

A rich dinner based on a luxurious set of menus.
Cold appetizers: Njeguska prosciutto, Slovenian kulen, smoked karst neck, shady cheese, honey salad, Russian salad, imperial spring, pie
Chorba: Chicken cream
Warm appetizer: sour cabbage with smoked rhubarb and boutiques
Main course:
– Rolled chicken with peanuts and rocket
– Getting kebab
– Marinated pork in a marrow sauce with dried plums, aromatic potatoes
Salad: Winter euphoria
Dessert: Chocolate cake with aronia salsa

The price
From 35 € to 60 €.
The price includes unlimited consumption of the above range of food and beverages, and a solemn banquet table. In our offer we only have classic tables we do not have standing, hanging or anything like that. We have tables of various sizes so our managers will be in a position to meet you the most.

Free internet will serve you greatly on the New Year’s Eve when cellular networks are burdened.

New Year’s Eve, or popularly known, the darkest night, is not an ordinary occasion, it’s an opportunity to confidently step into a new successful year in a friend’s circle, so it should not be modest to be with Prestige!


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