[:en]HOW the BOYS STOLE Christmas 05.01.2018. KC Grad

[:en]HOW the BOYS STOLE Christmas 05.01.2018. KC Grad
Braće Krsmanović 4, Beograd

No, this is not a classic New Year’s and Christmas party! And no, here we do not want health for the happiness of couples and above all success! No, we do not eat New Year’s Christmas tree here and we do not wait for the packages from Santa Claus, because we were not good at the previous year.

We have a lot of festive moods, Christmas sessions and “All I Want for Christmas is you” melody! And no, we will not welcome the most joyous holidays in the family circle because we will celebrate them in KC Grad!

Dario Mexa and Žiška prepare the most endearing set for all those who are still hanging from the New Year, who are planning to steal not only Christmas, but also a few days before Christmas!

Dress code is still the same: dress what you feel best when you sneeze!

Entrance: free – because we stole the holidays and gave it to you for free 🙂


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