[:en]Humanitarian Cabaret for Vidra 23.06.2018. Magacin

[:en]Humanitarian Cabaret for Vidra 23.06.2018. Magacin
Kraljevića Marka 4-8, Beograd

We invite you to the cabaret Circusfere and friends. There will be aerial acrobatics, will be joggers, there will be dancing, it will be music. That’s it, roughly. What exactly and how to be, we do not know until the end. Come and join us in the uncertainty of the expected!
Vidra Luna Muric is a 6 year old girl with severe epilepsy and a rare genetic mutation in Cask 1 gene. It is mildly mentally disturbed (at the child’s level of 3 years). Epilepsy appeared when she was two and a half years old, with everyday jerks, that after two years she would take the maha and turn into everyday great attacks and various types of different attacks. After 4 years of treatment, there has finally been calm, he is currently drinking four medications and has more than a month without epi attacks. She now begins to learn to speak and merges sentences. Help this cute and cheerful, naughty girl improve the living conditions and enable treatment of speech therapists, defectologists, psychomotor reeducation.
For those who can not come, who would like to help
Giro account: Ivana Koraksić, Vojvođanska banka 355000000530423773
Foreign currency account (emphasize that the donation is): Dušan Murić, Bank Poštanska štedionica 200-105959630-26, IBAN RS35200000010595963026, SWIFT CODE: SBPORSBG
For any additional information you can contact me at ivkakor@yahoo.com


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