[:en]Igor Simonović 29.01 – 28.02.2018. Polet

[:en]Igor Simonović 29.01 – 28.02.2018. Polet
Cetinjska 15, Beograd
29.Jan.2018 - 28.Feb.2018

A solo song entitled “With the Ballet” by Igor Simonović will be opened on 29 January. at 20:00 in the Polet Gallery (Cetinjska 15).

Igor Simonović (Belgrade, 1972) graduated from the Academy of Art in Novi Sad, in the class of professor Bora Drašković. He was engaged in theater, documentary film, pedagogical work and travelogue. She lives and works in Belgrade.

From collective work on the creation of film and theater art turns to indvidual creativity when revealing painting. Without formal art education, but with extensive experience in visual arts, since 2004, he experimented with techniques, format and material.

In this process, it moves uniquely individually, without a pattern, inspiration or mentor, and it is precisely because of that it was not sought or found in modern directions or artistic movements. His distorted figures slam through the uncertain horizons of the horizon, walk through thick palimpses of experience and seek security in group portraits. The face in the repetitive faces of the canvas or tree that often uses it erases the boundaries between personal and collective and remind us of the whole tragedy of individualism which is just euphemism for the deeply painful loneliness of a modern man. The figures of lifelong people tend to one another in an attempt to establish authentic closeness, but they remain almost reconciled with their condition in some timeless, frosted space. Using plastics, acrylic and layers of paint that have fallen around the canvas in the process of working, it produces the effect of almost hellish artificiality in the environment in which any attempt at a natural movement or expression is disabled. He thus creates collective portraits which are a sort of criticism of the existing order and its antihuman nature.

His works are part of the collection of the Museum of Naive and Marginal Art from Jagodina. He participated in numerous group exhibitions in the country and abroad.

The exhibition will be open until February 28th.


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