[:en]Ilustracije Marije Hese 09 – 10.02.2018. Institutu Servantes

[:en]Ilustracije Marije Hese 09 – 10.02.2018. Institutu Servantes
Čika Ljubina 19, Beograd
09.Feb.2018 - 10.Feb.2018

– Friday, February 9, 19:00

An exhibition of original illustrations from the book “Frida Kalo. A Biography “by Maria Hess, published in Serbia by publishing house DIBIDUS films & books. It is about the extraordinary drawings of Maria Hesse in gouache technique, shower and watercolor on graphic paper, which represent the images of Fride Kalo and illustrate some moments from her biography.

Maria Hess (Uelva, 1982) is an illustrator who has built her career in the world of literature and publishing. So far, she has published several books, among which are the illustrations of “Gordost and Prejudice” (2017), “Frida Kalo, One Biography”, and soon an illustrated biography by David Bouvie. Her drawings are published in magazines such as Jot Down and Maasai Magazine, and works, with women and their sensibility as protagonists, are displayed at exhibitions in several cities.

Whispers and prejudices: women and creativity
– Friday, February 9, 17:30

Two prominent contemporary artists Marija Hese and Di Ujdi participate in the interview together with Jelena Stevanovic (DIBIDUS), which is held on the occasion of the publication of the book “Frida Kahlo. One biography “.

– Saturday, February 10, 10:00

Maria Hese will launch the imagination of young artists at an illustration workshop that will talk about the development of colorful animated heroes. The workshop is dedicated to the winners of the strip competition organized last year by the Servantes Institute during the celebration of the Spanish Language Day. It will be held in Spanish, with a translation into Serbian.

– Saturday, February 10, 16:00

Maria Hess will meet with visitors of our gallery and sign copies of the book “Frida Kalo.” One biography “.



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