[:en]In the name of life – Art 24.12.2017. Your Shortcut Club

[:en]In the name of life – Art 24.12.2017. Your Shortcut Club

Club of artists RKETE and the Cultural Center Zemun with the support of the Foundation support life organizing humanitarian evening dedicated to Andjeli Jankovic. Exhibits of paintings, acoustic performances of many performers, literary and stand up performances are expected.

Anđela Jankovic was born on March 23, 2003. in Belgrade.
In her second year of life, this girl faced with the disease whose name we all stumble: a tumor on the brain.
So far, she has been operating a tumor three times, but the fight continues, and Angela is once again struggling with this wicked disease, as this time her enemy is back and threatens to jeopardize her life again.
There is only a moment left because Angela has to deal with her enemy again and again we all need to win this time, but this time we hope for it forever.
The angels have twelve chemotherapy at the clinic “Acibadem” in Istanbul (Turkey), which would help her to suppress the spread of this disease.
The cost of these therapies is EUR 84,000. Air transport costs are EUR 220.00 and accommodation for Anđel and one custodian in Istanbul is EUR 1,213.65.

All artists who want to perform and cheer up their guests can send their song or stand up performance, it is only important that the theme is humorous. You can send your work to the message to the group Rkete or to e-mail: umetnickiklubrkete@gmail.com
We celebrate life, celebrate art!

At the bar, there will be a box for your charity attachments, all collected funds are paid into the Angel’s treatment account.
The entrance is 200 dinars. See you at  Your Shortcut Club at 09 pm


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