[:en]Inkvizitor 22.01.2018.Raspućin pivnica

[:en]Inkvizitor 22.01.2018.Raspućin pivnica
Brace Jovanovica 15, Pančevo

Knowledge has never been so fun!
Your new form of entertainment has arrived!
Collect society and come to have fun and learn something new in a relaxed atmosphere, playing Pub Quiz Inquizitor.
There is no blame, you enter the answers to the form that you pass in half and at the end of the quiz, therefore, everything is relatively anonymous: D
Applications are required because the number of places is limited.
You can register the team at 069 / 1000-600, or by sending a message to the inbox, with the contact phone of the captain and team name.
One team can count up to a maximum of five members.
Prizes at the quiz are:
PRIZE 1 – Books and medals are provided for the winners, and their guild goes to the house.
AWARD 2 – A team that wins the field of the evening, gets an extra beverage tour for the whole team. The winning team does not enter into competition for the evening.
At the quiz itself, you will answer questions from areas such as history, geography, general knowledge, sports and literature, and you will also be asked to insert movies, songs, and puzzles.
Come to have fun, check your knowledge and learn something new!
I will see you on Monday at 20:00 in Raspucin Pivnica (Brace Jovanovic 15)


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