[:en]Jan Blomqvist live / Henry Saiz live • 13.04.2018.Hangar

[:en]Jan Blomqvist live / Henry Saiz live • 13.04.2018.Hangar
Knezopoljska 3, Beograd

Blender and Beat, as two organizations similar to their musical sensibility, decided to join in on this special event on April 13 in Hangar, when the Belgrade audience will have the first chance to hear the live performance of the phenomenal Jan Blomqvist, with the band. In addition to this very special artist of the new age, on stage will be again found Henry Saiz in live performance with his band.

This evening is expected a positive charge of art energy, which will flood all the present person in Hangar.

Jan Blomqvist with his band, is currently one of the most sought after live actors in the world. Blomqvist was born in the 1980s, with a current base in Berlin. He just invented the concept of a concert performance of techno sound with dreaming vocals and simple minimal notes. Jan on his solo performances leaves clubsoul, and with his BLOMQVIST band, he presents himself with an electro-pop style, which leads to dance.
From his twenty years as a student of air engineering, he met techno and started thinking about how this music can become his profession. He slept overnight, he made tape during the night, while on the weekend he worked as a bartender at the Weekend Club. He spent all the money he earned for education in the form of a visit to Radiohead concerts, the Berlin club Bar25 and after the parties. He is guided by the idea that someday he will be able to break down boredom in clubs and bring a concert feeling to the dance floor in the form of a combination of simple vocals and minimal bits.
Finally, in 2011, there was a turning point in his career: the appearance at the Fusion Festival in front of thousands of people and releases for Dantze and Stil vor Talent. During 2012, his YouTube videos were screened by a million auditorium.
Jan Blomqvist had 350 performances in just three years, by the world’s largest metropolis. To finish his first album, he needed a lot of time, because as much as he likes pole bits, he despises half-finished jobs. The album “Remot Control” was released in 2016 and has been a great success with its modern touch of Portishead and Radiohead, perfectly packed with an unavoidable minimum bit.

Henry Saiz is a Spanish DJ, producer and live act artist, who has been a successful career for ten years. Saiz’s success lies in his passion which he explores through an unusual approach to electronic music, combining pop elements and vocals with acoustic instruments. There is a small number of artists who are genuinely devoted to their creation in the way Henry Saiz is dedicated. He began his career 10 years ago and since then has released music on prestigious labels such as Last Night On Earth, Suara and Bedrock, and has performed at the most famous clubs and at numerous festivals around the world. Saiz’s success lies in his passion which he explores through an unusual approach to electronic music, combining pop elements and vocals with acoustic instruments.

Tickets for the Belgrade performance by Jan Blomqvist and Henry Saiz are on sale through the networks of Eventim Serbia and GIGS TIX.



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